News; Watch Out! These Breakfast Foods Gain Weight

Published: Thursday 14 August, 2014

It’s a good choice to keep slim with the help of diet pills like zi xiu tang bee pollen pills, but it’s also important to eat well at breakfast. Therefore, you can’t eat as you like at breakfast, otherwise you’ll easily gain weight if you eating the following foods.
1. Fried cake, Fried bread stick and Rice balls.
Dietitians say that fried cakes, fried bread sticks and rice balls are certainly easy to give you a feeling of satiety, but think about it carefully, you’ll find these things are completely starch. It’s not healthy at all without vegetables and fruits. If you want real traditional breakfast, simply buy steamed bread with egg or take some diet pills such as bee pollen diet pills to keep energetic.
2. Fried bread & Fried Dumplings
Many girls may choose to eat fried bread or fried dumplings when don’t know what to eat in the morning. But in fact, they are extremely unhealthy, because they contain too much fat that leads to obesity. What’s worse, they will lead to a rapid rise in one’s blood sugar, and thus makes one in low spirits.
3. Hamburger and Grilled Noodles
Nutritionists said that the seasoning package for Grilled Noodles usually has various ingredients with thick oil and salt. If one eats grilled noodles or a hamburger with milky tea, the heat of this meal will immediately soared to 600 calorie.
4. Hot Dog and Juice
If one feels too late to buy breakfast, he or she may choose to buy hot dog and juice from convenience store. However, nutritionist says that only the hot dog itself has 500 calorie, and if with sugary fruit juices, the heat will rise to 700 calories, let alone the healthy nutrients. If so, you might as well take some diet pills like which is not as good as the function of diet pills like zi xiu tang bee pollen diet pills. .
5. Snacks
For the sake of convenience, some girls reply on a cup of instant noodles to get through the whole morning. Though it’s easy and delicious, most instant noodles contain fairly high fat after frying, and the soup contains too much MSG that is harmful to health. Also, the dehydrated vegetables in instant noodles can’t provide vitamins and fiber, eating a lot will cause constipation.

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