6 Boxes Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen

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6 Boxes Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen

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10 Boxes Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen . Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen is superior to most weight loss products for several reasons. First of all, it's absolutely risk-free and the working process is gradual. It's made up of bioactive substances extracted from 100% natural plant. Then Zi Xiu Tang can control excessive eating and cravings. By reducing fat from your hips, arms, buttocks and face, Zi Xiu Tang works great in reshaping your figure while still making your skin elastic. Last but not least, Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen provides a natural energy boost to your metabolism and helps clean all the toxins out.

250mg*48 Capsules/Bottle

Main Ingredients:
Bee Pollen, Chinese Yam, Barbary Wolfberry Fruit, Lotus Seed, Dietary Fiber,etc.

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5 Stars ( Total 68 Reviews)

This is my second order of Zi Xiu Tang capsules, and the weight loss result is still as good as the first one. But always keep in mind that you have to combine it with proper exercises/nutrition if you want to get the best results. I’m going to use it for quite some tiem till I reach my weight loss goal.

A good addition by Rebecca Ramirez
Fortunately I made a right decision-bought bee pollen slimming pills to help me get thinner. I would say the best part of this product is the effectiveness of it along with the zerio negative effects. Now it has become the major addition to my weight loss program.

Suppress appetite by Carol Hubbard
The capsules are good so far, my appetite is very much suppressed and i like this effect very much as i am overweight due to uncontrollable eating cravings, i did experienced side effect of constipation and dry throat at the first couple of days but the body seemed get used to it so now I only have dry mouth, very good changes :)

Happy with this purchase by Lois Rogers
Having been struggling with my weight loss for years, I feel very happy with this purchase. This pill does work as it’s supposed to, reduces my appetite, improves my energy level and makes me look better. By the way, the shipping is fast.

Love it by Gladys Neal
I have been taking the ZI XIU TANG capsules for about 4 weeks, not sure weight wise but know I have gone down in size, I seriously don't feel hungry and could go most of the day without food but know it's not good so i am making myself eat, love it very much now

Received it by Myrtle Obrien
Just received it, thanks for quick delivery, I will start tomorrow, wish me good luck

Very effective by Maureen Tran
Within 2 weeks of taking the ZI xiu tang bee pollen caspules I lost 6 pounds and i look very good after reducing some pounds as i don’t have much to go lol, now when people ask me where they can get pills that caused me to loose my weight I refer them this store, very good product lol

Zi Xiu Tang diet pills seems to be helping. I have shedded off 10 pounds in about 30 days, though I didn’t change any of my eating and exercising habits. I know the result would be better if I can incorporate both with it. Will continue to use it.

They are working by Dawn Robinson
They are working and i have lost two stones! my main problem is that i can't sleep good as before, but except this and dry mouth, anything is good, I am not jittery, dizzy, nor have headaches, i am very happy with the results i received and it gave me my self confidence back lol

very good by Jodi Mckinney
Bought it for my daughter and she started taking Zi Xiu Tang about 2 weeks ago and she has gone from 156 to 150, very good product

AWESOME by Deanna Soto
I must say zi xiu tang bee pollen is the best diet product i have taken, i have totally lost 25 lbs in about 3 months without doing any exercises and no side effect except dry mouth!

GOOD by Anita Montgomery
I’ve been on Zixiutang for about 1 and half month and the effect is good enough, 14lbs is reduced, I am coming to buy more to get my goal

About side effect by Ana Kelley
i have lost a stone, very good result, I couldn’t sleep good at the very beginning and dry mouth is also the trouble it brings, I then took the pills at very early morning and take plenty water on all day, the problems were fixed

I highly recommend Meizitang! by Gloria Henderson
I am amazed at how well Meizitang capsule curbs my appetite and I only need to take 1 or sometimes 2 capsules before breakfast! I highly recommend. I've lost 4 lbs in 2 weeks with very little diet and exercise change.

Zi xiu tang does control my appetite, i can think about what to eat and not just eating anything, i start with weight 81kg and now i am 72kgs and keep taking it

it works!! by Jackie Pierce
I am so happy Zi Xiu Tang works for me, it help me to day no to fast food and i don’t get as hungry during the day

effective by Lila Bass
Great Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen! I have tried some other products before and this is so far the best product I had. I also shared it with my friends, and they show interest to it now

great! by Sheila Turner
I am seeing results and am happy to continue using zi xiu tang! No side effects that I have seen.. This is my first week and I am excited to see if I have lost weight! I love the way I feel.

I have been using this product for about two months and I have to say I am pleasantly surprised! Normally I am skeptical of any sort of diet pills or the like, but this actually does work!! I started with taking one pill a day as the instruction suggested.

Wonderful by Melissa Turner
It works magically, my appetite is almost gone, i eat small meals and don’t hungry all the day!

It is great by Judy Robertson
I have gone from 143lbs to 133lbs so far, 10 lbs in a month and i am very satisfied

I recommend it! by Cristina Campbell
I am satisfied of losing 2 stones with this product and i have recommended some friends to buy it LOL

I started taking zi xiu tang for about 3 months, and went from 4 size smaller, that’s really amazing!

high quality  by Kim Cole
I just started taking Zi xiu tang two weeks ago and now have already lost 4 pounds, I am very satisfied with this effect as I can drop it naturally without any uncomfortable feeling

It is great by Alyssa Strickland
My friend has used it for about 2 months and it is awesome so she recommend it to all people who need to lose some weight, including me, I was amazed with her changes so I gave it a try, this is the 3rd week and the weight is about 7 pounds less, I feel very good!

 by Martha Wells
I love it very much and have recommended you to people who I know needs to reduce weight :D

This botanical softgel seems to be doing wonders for kick-starting fat loss for me. I try to take one 1/2 hour before eating, and I notice that I don't have the cravings for food, but seem to be just satisfied already.

good slimming capsules by Michele Murphy
I have been on Zi Xiu Tang pills for 2 months and now in the time of maintaining as I have already got the target of reducing about 20 pounds! Love it and strongly recommend this wonderful product!

This is the real deal! by Janet Morris
I really wanted to think that this was just another fad diet pill. I have tried,no flour no sugar, as well as a plethora of natural diet pills. This is the real deal I lost 5 pounds in the first week and a half! to be honest,this is the best slimming product I had.

it works for me by Cecilia Morales
It is real, I take it in the early morning and did some exercise in the afternoon, I love its effect on controlling my stomach, that’s really a great help

awesome pills by Lisa Owens
I took zi xiu tang pills back in 2012 and lost a lot of weight but within the past year i have gained all back :( i have to take the pills again and now i am on it for 2 months, the results is not so good as before but fortunately i still lose some

very good pills by Terry Perez
I have a very busy schedule and often don't fit in working out and although I try to eat somewhat healthy I have not been maintaining a strict diet. But I can’t lose weight until I found zi xiu tang. I would recommend this product to anyone trying to lose weight. I also drink plenty of water!!!

 by Jenny Mclaughlin
IT IS REALLY WONDERFUL PRODUCT, Day 10 and 5 pounds less, good enough and keep going on :)

Very happy with the effect by Gwen Matthews
as of today, I have lost 13kgs and I feel like a new person! it enables me to eat differently, I didn’t get any serious side effect except some dry mouth and a bit sleeplessness at the very beginning~

Love the product helps with my appetite control! Feel smaller!!I stay off the scale.Thank u meizitang capsules!

Awesome!  by Jo Barber
I have got wonderful results, the flab at tummy has gone and no more double chin. My friends are amazed by my changes lol

 by Michelle Johnson
I have my pills today! Thank you very much for quick delivery!

Meizitang does exactly what it says. It supresses my appetite with no side effects at all. I would definitely buy again!

amazing by Alexis Silva
i have been taking it for a month nd i am back with a update, I am so amazed with a stone gone!! The pills are real and work great

Good product by Kristen Reynolds
I get good slimming effect from it so I think it worth the appreciation

Zi xiu tang is amazing! by Mildred Morris
I hate my big appetite but I couldn’t control it, I always took a lot even I asked myself to just have a bite, zi xiu tang bee pollen saved me, appetite is curbed greatly and I am easy to get full now, great enough

Meizitang works wonders. by Katherine Foster
I tried this,along with some diets and exercises,and it works wonders. It really does supress your appettite. I sometimes have to force myself to eat just because I am never hungry. I lost about 9 lbs since I started taking this. I will keep buying.

Good product looks delicious ,i feel no appetite. A few days ago to lose weight at Rice wanted. Very satisfied feeling now drink Coffee, I have no appetite at all. I hope I will lean. Service attitude is very good, has been a question and she answered.

I have cut down on my usual snacking. I have also noticed my energy level has risen. The belly fat is fading away. I am wearing tops that were too tight. amazing pills.

Reduce weight  by Donna Nguyen
I am extremely happy to have myself weigh 4kg less after using zixiutang bee pollen for a month! Thanks a bunch for your good product!

It helps by Ella Lloyd
I weighed 75kgs, I have a big stomach especially like to eat at night, I am very glad that zixiutang help me to suppress the appetite so I have chance to lose some weight, now i am 70kgs

I have taken the pills for 2 months now and feel good. I do not have any bad feeling, just need to drink much water to solve mouth dry. As the customer service told me that is the way the pills working. Maybe it is good.

I recommend it by Marsha Ferguson
From my own experience, they actually works great so I am very willing to recommend it, it cuts appetite and gives energy!

Second times to buy, first to buy only a month weight wants to try, did not think of really thin, thin 6,7 pounds, I was with the movement, so it really good, will continue for several months, until satisfied!

Highly recommend by Virginia Gonzalez
le works. By far, I’ve tried several pills but no one curb my appetite. I don’t know if they would work for you but this ones worked just fine for me. I appreciate it very much.

LOVE it by Sheryl
I have been taking zi xiu tang for 2 weeks, have already got some effect! Happy! I have dropped 2kg now and I can have much less food intake than before as I have zero appetite, I’m not hungry, excellent product!

order it again by Angel Mendez
I eat less than before. so I suppose the product suppresses appetite and feel better than I have for a very long time. Best of all, I believe I will continue to lose even more - I just reordered today.

effective by Leah
It has decreased my appetite and gave me a burst of energy, now i have lost 2 pounds, hope I can see more changes a month later

It works great by Erica Harris
I have fewer cravings for foods that contributed to my weight gain, which really do a great favor! I love it, Awesome!

I am a 50 year old woman, to lose weight have lost confidence. This product is my daughter recommended to me, used after the really good results, accumulated over the years of obesity has been resolved

Zi xiu tang does help me reduce some pounds, what I want to notice you is to have normal meal when taking pills even if your appetite is gone, I used to skip meals, thinking the weight would be lost faster, but the results proved it’s wrong, I don’t know why, but just take health diet and drink plenty of water when taking these pills, they should work LOL

it works good by Sheryl Berry
Zi xiu tang bee pollen works great! I was 146 and went down to 130 in about 1 and half month, it does good at controlling appetite

I've been taking Meizitang for a month, I have lost 5 pounds and I hardly have an appetite, Love this product......will order again!!

I have been using zixiutang bee pollen for about 3 weeks and I lost eight pounds over two months--not really fast, but it has stayed off. I lost three pounds in the first two weeks. I have already recommended this product to friends and family!

zi xiu tang is good by Carrie Murray
I checked my weight after taking ti at the end of the 2nd week nd i lost around 5pounds, very good

love it by Gail Mann
I am pleased to report a very welcome "side-effect" - I have lost 32 pounds in approximately 3 1/2 months, Will keep using the zixiutang! It is amazing!.

zi xiu tang popular product by Doris Patterson
Order was prompt and correct. So far it controls my appetite but I don't see much of a difference on the scale. I will continue to stay on it because my friend always recommended it to me

great product by Anita Drake
I felt refreshed and energetic every day with zi xiu tang bee pollen, awesome feeling

Weight loss by Darla Horton
On zi xiu tang capsules for 3 weeks and love the changes so far! the appetite is dramatically changed and even I didn’t do any exercise, it still helped me reduce about 4kgs, the arms are less flabby and face seems slimmer :))) just hope i can hit my comfortable weight by taking them

magic bee pollen pills by Babarcsikova Vue
lost 19 lbs for the first try, ordered 6 bottles from here, free shipping and send my order fast, the pills are the same as ads, so come here to give a good comment.

good price by jose Pizarro
This is a really good and different approach to dieting. Good price. I feel I need to have read it thoroughly before starting the diet. really useful and great to try, just try it and you will own a big obtain.

I decided to give zi xiu tang a try after seeing so many good reviews, I tried to lose my fat for a long time, but the result is failed, hope this time I really can help me.

I noticed zixiutang bee pollen from TV ads, so remember this site and come here, this pills are really good effect as the ads, natural ingredients, no side effect.

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